SEO and online marketing are necessary to promote a business, these practices require time and effort, as well as specific knowledge, for this reason, it is important that if you want to position yourself to hire specialists in the field, it is a good investment for your business. From UBT CONSULTS, we are going to show you the details on how to identify if an SEO agency is a fraud.

The human brain has to process thousands of tasks per second. Consume a lot of calories to do it. Naturally, therefore, will tend to the smooth, simple and easy, and it is sustainable. That’s why we swallow the miracle diets; quick loans; the good, nice, cheap; the fashion routine in the gym … Minimal effort, quick results … With being first in Google, it’s the same. I give € 90 and tomorrow I am first on Google. That is easy. You have to have a critical spirit.

They promise to position your website on the first page of search results to the niche, “with a privileged location in the professional Google listing, geolocation in Google Maps and Google My Business, permanently,” without having to do CPC. And this, for 5 years, for a single payment and, as a gift, a coupon for AdWords of $300. Oh, how exclusive! (Note the irony)

Do not let them tease you. They usually contact the company by phone and by email. So, please open your eyes, and find out first who they are. Enter your website and navigate it a bit. At first glance, they are usually very suspicious. In fact, everything good and cheap usually ends up being expensive and, worst of all, it can end up being a nightmare!

In the case that we have lived in the flesh, the scammer did not even try to hide its impudence, since only by entering its website, the first thing we detected was that they did not even bother changing the meta title of the home, which continued to be “home.” And the fact is that they have no idea of SEO, or positioning, or Google Ads, or Online Marketing.

If what all the scam SEO agencies offer us was true, it is not that we would recommend it to our clients: it is that we would buy it. What happens also you will like because it is straightforward: – No one can offer such services. Being in the first position in Google with SEO is something that no serious agency offers.

Reasons Why We Can Not Offer To Be The First On Google

So that it is not our word (and that of all the professionals) against one of those fraud companies we will summarize  the exact reasons why it can not be possible:

  • There is a limited number of references on the first page of Google. That is to say: you search and throws you on the first page 20-22 results for example. If 45 companies contract that service, how will they make sure they are all on the front page? Is Google a subsidiary at your command, a crush at your feet? When what is offered is no longer the first page, but first position, even worse. If you have two clients, how are you both going to be the first?
  • Google’s algorithm (the scale it uses to tell who goes on and who underneath) is constantly changing. It is impossible to know what the next month will be like. These changes are intended to make the network more and more semantic and less “tricky.” That is, to position those texts that are truly relevant in front of websites flooded with absurd repetitions of the same keyword that you want to position (to give an example).
  • The competition also wants to be in the first position. It will also hire professionals in SEO; will also publish articles; will renew content … These subjects are telling us that with ten minutes studying you will be the first of the class, but what if my classmate studies three hours? How are you going to prevent him from doing it? How do you know if he will do it, how much, when …? Positioning is a relative criterion. You position yourself with respect to others. If you are first, it is because there is a second, a third … you are not alone. Therefore you depend on what others do. The opposite is like saying “Make this player, and you will win the league, guaranteed.” One moment, and if the others win more games than you? The others are also going to sign, to train, to improve … because they want the same as you. You have to compete.
  • SEO work is always long term, never today for tomorrow. Why? Because Google wants it. It shows in first position pages with authority, which have been a constant source of quality for a subject for a long time.
  • And it is always constant because Google constantly visits your page to see if it has been updated (positioned) or is still intact (obsolete = deposition).

There are many more reasons, but with these, you will be able to take the right decision.

The cotton test of the SEO

The cotton test: If you want to know if an SEO company really knows how to position or you just want to get the money, do the following experiment. If this agency is in Toronto let’s say, go to and put ‘Stockholm SEO agency’ in the search engine.

If you do not have demonstrable success stories

Another test would be to check if your blog texts are original or copied from other blogs, there are many of these SEO companies, which do not know how to position themselves as not themselves are not positioned, their only way to attract potential customers is using content marketing and social networks. But they do not even write their own texts, and on the other hand, they do not know to make a good post. What they do is copy the posts from other blogs like this one.

Demand clear objectives, success stories from other clients, ask them so that keywords are positioned themselves. If you do not get clear answers … run away.
Now if I leave you with the explanation:

“Cheap is expensive”

Not all the companies that are in the market are only looking for money or are a fraud if there are many reliable ones in which you can look for help in the field of Web positioning and online marketing. The popular phrases that say “you’ll get what you pay for” or “the cheap is expensive,” apply in this topic, the price of an SEO service should be considered. What happens if they offer you many services and benefits at a very low price?

If something is very cheap, it starts to be suspicious. Web positioning requires time, effort, personal dedication to your website, to create content, optimize it, implement a link building strategy, among others; this can not be too cheap, good SEO has a price. If you hire someone because they offer something too cheap, they may be a scam, a fraud, or they may not have good practices, which could even lead you to problems with penalties.

This industry is based on technical knowledge and updated information. Think about how much money that service could cost you? Remember that by hiring an agency, you will be hiring a team of experts, with specialized skills. We do not say that you pay too much, but you must pay just enough for quality service.

10 signs that the seller of SEO-services is a scam

For many companies, SEO is a sealed book because they have to take care of their products and services. So they hired an SEO agency to bring their website up to scratch and use Google to generate traffic and new customers.

But how do you know if an agency is a really good or just hot air – or even worse – dangerous half-knowledge? Almost every company has already had bad experiences with SEO agencies. You can quite easily separate the wheat from the chaff the indicators listed below.

1 – Poor quality and thin content

Anyone who has repeatedly released the same thin content on the same topic has a massive problem because they compete with each other and thus ruin any chance of a good ranking. Good SEO agencies will always advise you to produce first-class, relevant content that can also be easily found by search engine. A regular (at least monthly) analysis of your own rankings is essential to detect and correct this crucial mistake.

2 – Old Tactics: Linkspam, Keyword-Spam

SEO agencies that still claim today, with a few tricks like bought links and keyword spam, could even seriously manipulate Google, live in the Internet Stone Age. Google now largely ignores everything that could somehow be artificially managed and is only interested in whether the content is well-structured and relevant to users. Anyone who has outdated terms such as “meta keywords” or “keyword density” still in the vocabulary today, proves that he is no longer up to date and has completely lost the connection.

3 – Publishing only blog posts

Blogs are important in order to occupy certain topics and create content flexibly, but they are not a panacea and indeed not the only tool of SEO. It is much more important to find out with which content, which search terms and which landing pages a company should actually be found. All further strategic measures should be derived from this. Focusing on content and watching the competition is very important because you can not rank for any keyword, because the competition on the Internet is huge.

4 – Artificially lowered bounce rates

Many SEO agencies promise low bounce rates from one side. But that has nothing to do with whether a site performs well or not. If they then artificially inflate user numbers on Google Analytics, then it will be adventurous. Avoid any strategy based solely on manipulation and naked numerical values. SEO is no longer about quantity but about quality! And that is not measurable in numbers. Offer better content than competitors! Only then will you have any future chances of good visibility on Google.

5 – SEO à la carte

When it comes to search engine optimization, it is imperative to have all factors in view at the same time in order to achieve long-term success. It’s no use tweaking keywords only if no one is looking for their product with these keywords. Conversely, even competition research does not do anything, if you have not yet technically optimized your own site. If you only want to buy individual services and thus save, instead of providing all-round support, then you can basically leave it the same.

Good SEO advice must always be holistic and take into account all aspects; otherwise, it will not lead to the desired or possible success. Good SEO will also show you what you can do to optimize your site. Corresponding SEO workshops for companies are many, and they are accommodating to question your own actions.

6 – Guaranteed rankings on key search terms

SEO is not an exact science, and Google does everything it can to ensure that site owners can not easily manipulate search results. The algorithm of the search is continuously changed and improved. A good agency can indeed lay the foundations for being found and eliminating problems. However, certain rankings can not guarantee you the same keywords in such a dynamic competition with millions of competitors.
Who advertises with pithy slogans like “guaranteed on the position 1”, wants to disguise this complexity, because with “something” everyone can rank at position 1. This is not art. The art is with the one right search terms to be found and also to generate sales.

7 – Cheap SEO

SEO is not something you can do on the fly or even automated. You have to dig in deeply and tap all the elements of a website, do continuous monitoring and bring a long breath. That takes time. This performance is not unique against a few hundred euros, as is often suggested in spam emails.

 8 – Setup Fees

There is nothing to set up in SEO. Therefore, fees without specific performance are not appropriate!

On the other hand, it makes sense to have an initial personal consultation or an SEO workshop to see how the SEO works and whether one understands what they are doing and whether the collaboration works. An SEO can do a lot, positive as well as negative. Longer-Term cooperation should only be based on trust and not on any subscriptions or discounts.

9 – No access to Google Analytics

Many classic problems can be recognized as SEO very quickly in the source code of a website or with special tools. But if an SEO is to work with a website in the long term and has not requested access to Google Analytics and the Google Search Console, you better pull the ripcord. Because to be able to optimize a page, you also have to know exactly how it is actually used. Everything else would only be guessed and not serious.

10 – No Regular Reporting

SEO is a fast-paced business, and everything is constantly on the move. Therefore you should check the performance of your website at least once a month and watch the development. This is the only way to understand whether one is on the right path or the wrong one and where one can find new set screws. The reporting should be processed comprehensibly for the customer and include all KPIs. Request a sample reporting.

How long does SEO take?

Google employee John Mueller has recently suggested that changes made to Google after a relaunch often take half a year to make themselves felt. Only then has Google re-evaluated the site. So do not give up immediately; if there are not immediately groundbreaking improvements, SEO is long-term and sustainable! You should invest time for at least a year before you can judge if an SEO strategy works. This time you should also take or leave the agency.

How do you recognize a good SEO agency?

Who could know better what constitutes good SEO than Google? On the help pages of the Search Console, Google recommends that an SEO should first be able to identify with the topic of a website and should be familiar with it. Only with fun, motivation and a certain thematic understanding can SEO succeed.

Also, an SEO agency should ask the following questions:

  • What makes your business or service so unique and valuable to your customers?
  • Who are your customers?
  • How is your company’s revenue generated and how can search results help?
  • Which other advertising channels do you use?
  • Who are your competitors?

With these questions, the SEO agency gets an overview of the priorities and peculiarities of the company and makes sure that it works in the right direction and not just according to Scheme F.

Questions that customers should ask SEO agencies in advance are, for example, the following:

  • Do you have references that you can show me?
  • Are you following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?
  • Do you also offer supplementary services or advice for online marketing for your search engine optimization? (e.g., workshops or support for own SEO activities)
  • Which results do you expect during which period? How do you measure your success?
  • What connection do you have to my industry?
  • For multilingual offers: What is your experience with the development of international websites?
  • At shops: What experience do you have in the development of online shops?
  • How long have you been in business?

Only when these questions have been clarified and trusted, you should conclude a contract with an SEO agency, not by the fee or the promises.

SEO can first be measured by whether there is sustained growth in Google’s visibility. If the reach grows on the most important pages in general (this can be exactly measured in Google Analytics), SEO does a good job. Usually, an SEO should be self-refinancing of rising sales.

Why do so many companies have bad experiences with SEO agencies?

This is mostly due to the false expectations of companies that think with a bit of trickery you could score on Google. But these times are finally over! Technical optimization is only the basis; an optimization of content is the freestyle, which decides on success or failure.

Many SEO agencies just sell high-priced subscriptions, but they owe a certificate of achievement. On the other hand, many customers also like to escape in excuses and do not implement the necessary measures, even if they have the highest priority. Then you have to ask yourself what you pay an SEO agency for. SEO needs the full backing of the management, with “a bit of SEO” you can not go far today.

If you do not understand something, let it explain itself or just get a second opinion. SEO is not rocket science, and every step is data-based.

SEO is an investment in your own future! And the sooner you start, the better the prospects for success!

How well is your website placed?

Are there any problems or even hair-raising mistakes that are easy to fix?

Does your SEO agency work cleanly and based on reliable data?

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