Google has become the place to go to consult any doubt, no matter if it is the date of birth of the third Russian Tsar or a place to eat. Whatever your business, you have to have a good position in the search engines. When looking for a place to fill your stomach, one of the first gestures that usually done is to take the phone out of your pocket and see what’s around you. That’s why in today’s post I will offer you some tips that respond to how to position a restaurant in Google.

The SEO [Will be linked with future post] is one of the most important to work with local searches and it requires quite a lot of hard work. In the other pages of our website, we explained to you that the main activity we do is marketing for restaurants. [Will be linked with future post]

How Do Google Searches Work?

In order to position a restaurant correctly on Google, it is important to understand how your local searches [Will be linked with future post] work. Google’s growing ability to interpret what you’re looking for will never cease to amaze.

For some time now, your algorithm is able to interpret if you are looking for something that is around you or not. It does for example if you search for “Barcelona restaurants,” but you do not even need to do a geographical search, with “pizza” or “sushi” it will already show restaurants around you.

Tips on How To Position A Restaurant on Google

Create A Profile on Google My Business

Google My Business is the tool that Mountain View offers to the owners of a business to keep all your data updated. It will allow you to manage the way your restaurant will appear on Google, both in the search and in Maps. Add your schedules and keep them updated. Photos, phone, contact forms … The more complete your file, the better Google will value you.

Remove Your Duplicate Profiles

Google allows anyone to add information to services such as Maps. This will enable you to gather a considerable amount of data, but it also leads to duplicate profiles that sometimes confuse. Keep in mind that this can also happen in Facebook and other directories such as Yellow Pages, negatively impacting your positioning in Google even if they are services external to the search engine. Remove as many as you can.

Create Profiles In Local Directories And Social Networks

In the same way that duplicate profiles can hurt the positioning of a restaurant in Google, the absence of profiles in social networks and local directories is also detrimental. Believe them! And make sure that in all of them the name is the same.

Categorize Your Restaurant Correctly

Both in Google My Business and in other directories, it is very important to make correct use of categories, subcategories, and labels. It is not worth saying that you are a restaurant, it is much better to specify everything you can: “Italian restaurant” or “Argentine restaurant” will give you much better results.

Invest In A Virtual Tour of Your Restaurant

Admire the decor, contemplate the atmosphere and charm that your local offers, plus the security of showing that the store you have found through the network really exists … are just some of the advantages of virtual tours offered by Google Maps Business View [Will be linked with future post]. A service that allows you to incorporate panoramic photos in 360º with which to surround a potential client.

Choose The URL Well And Keep Your Web Updated

A right URL should be short and easy to remember. It is recommended that you put the location where you are located, so that it differs quickly from other restaurants that may have a similar name in other cities, and will facilitate the appearance in local searches. You can not put it in the URL unless it appears in the “tag title” of your site and the URL of any of the web pages.

Make sure the address, phone number, and restaurant name appear as text on the web, which is what Google bots can read. If they are embedded in an image, it will not work for you. Try to change the content of your website on a regular basis -for example, with a blog, something that Google values very positively. Of course, it must be responsive [Will be linked with future post] and well adapted to mobile so that it loads quickly.

Get Reviews of Your Restaurant

One of the aspects that Google values most is the assessment that customers make of you. Encourage them to rate on Google Maps and leave their reviews, perhaps with small discounts. The best thing is to go adding little by little, because if they arrive many at once and then there is a downturn, Google can suspect that you have bought something you should never do.

I hope these little tricks to position a restaurant on Google have served you. In our next posts, we will continue with more marketing tips for restaurants.

Until next time!
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