Today, social networks are a very important part of our marketing strategy, and Instagram is on the top list. It is even likely that many prospects have reached our brand through them. Therefore, it is essential that we make a good campaign on social networks. To achieve this, we must or should learn from previous campaigns. Only in this way can we improve what we will do in the future. In this matter, Instagram Analytics tools can help us. We just have to know how to use them.

“Those who do not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” -Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler)

To know the posts that do work in our Instagram we have to analyze what happened with them. This article describes how we can analyze, extract and use Instagram Analytics to improve Social Media Marketing. You have to keep in mind that Instagram is one of the most used social networks and its popularity continues to grow.

Instagram gives, to the profiles that are configured as companies, the possibility of using Instagram Insights, which is a tool that allows analyzing certain performance statistics of the posts.

Another tool we recommend using is Iconosquare, which allows you to get more Instagram data and it’s free!

5 Instagram Analytics reports essential to evaluate your account data

Each business analyzes different variables. It all depends on what objectives you have proposed in your network strategy. For each particular case, it is ideal to determine which are the variables that reflect the fulfillment of the goals.

These are the 5 variables that you can not stop analyzing:

Instagram Analytics: Engagement

Something you’ll want to pay attention to is Social Media Engagement. Social networks should be a place where you and the clients meet and interact or have “Engagement.”

  • With them your customers and followers demonstrate that they appreciate your content, it is the fastest way in which users give their approval. There are 2.5 billion Likes a day, so take advantage of a piece!
  • The comments have to be the breakfast of all the companies. Generally, comments, like likes, indicate that a user enjoys the content, so much that they want to express their opinion and start a conversation with the team. However, sometimes negative comments are received. Do not get frustrated! This can be an opportunity to turn a client with a bad experience, into a faithful follower if you solve their concern.
  • Engagements by followers. It is natural for large brands to get much higher engagement than brand new or small. In these cases, it is more interesting to measure engagement by the follower, since, being a smaller brand, it is possible to know the level of communication that exists with customers. The more frequent the communications with the clients, the more satisfied they will be.
  • Engagements by media. By segmenting the data, you can measure engagement by type of content. In this way you can know what kind of posts are the most attractive, to be able to make more publications of that style and increase engagement.

Instagram Analytics: Hashtags

Although hashtags have been criticized, they are still a tool that reaches new users. The brands that seek to grow in the networks must know which the most relevant hashtags are for their potential followers.

  • The most used hashtags This metric indicates the number of times a hashtag has been used. It is important to try different hashtags to evaluate then which ones have the best performance for you. That’s when we move on to the next metric.
  • The hashtags with more engagement To complement the previous metric, we evaluated the number of interactions (likes and comments) by hashtag. In this way, we know which ones produce more conversations with followers. By using them, you make sure you have more interactions with your audience.
  • The mentioned hashtags more frequently. Finally, we can use the information of which are the hashtags with more mentions to find those that are related to the service or product offered by your company. This way you will have a high guaranteed range. In the image are the words highlighted in black.

Instagram Analytics: Followers

For marketers, the number of followers is one of the fundamental metrics, from the impact of Social Media Marketing. Although the engagement has now gained more interest for analysts, the growth of the audience is still attractive. A positive change indicates that the company is doing things well, inside and outside of social networks.

  • Followers won. It is the number of new followers in a given period of time. The jumps in the graph indicate that something attracted attention and, when analyzing those days, we find what contents are attractive to the audience. Excellent idea to guide yourself when making future campaigns.
  • People you Sometimes follow in Social Media, it is believed that the relationship followed-followers represents some authority. But this has caused many brands that do not even follow a user. This is not well seen either. Do not be afraid to follow your followers. You can learn from their preferences, and they will surely appreciate you following them.

Instagram Analytics: Content

To know what kind of photos and videos are the most attractive to your audience, there is Content Analytics. With this information, you can make more posts than your followers like.

  • Top posts Knowing which are the posts that have had the best receptivity is the basics. Similar content will surely be well valued by your followers.
  • Photos sent. Having a record or tracking the number of photos published is useful to know if there are days when it was not published. It is important to follow the plan of publication determined, without oversights, not to confuse the followers with the frequency of posts.
  • Submitted videos. If you produce videos for Instagram frequently, it is also useful to keep track of them.

Instagram Analytics: Time of publication

There are moments that are ideal for publishing the content, and that is when there are more followers connected or in other words, peak hours due to high traffic.

Fortunately, the tool we recommend provides this data. Take the opportunity to launch an ideal publication plan. If the publications are daily, then, the hour is the key variable. If it’s about launching a campaign – or other exclusive content – it’s useful to know which day of the week most followers interact with.

Improve your Instagram marketing

To have a really good marketing strategy, you must find a way to make content that interests them. For that, you must create an analysis of your audience.

With the analysis tools, you find answers to questions like, which of my photos or videos receive comments? Which publications have the most engagement? Or at what time should I post? Or any variable that you consider important.

By optimizing the content plan for Instagram, you improve the quality of the publications, and your followers are satisfied. This will help you noticeably when you get new prospects that will possibly become customers.

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