The App is vital today for the development and expansion of any business. I have been investigating a bit about the subject, and the truth is that I was hooked enough and could not pass up the opportunity to write a few lines about this. If you want to know the advantages of creating mobile […]

In this post, we will explain what buzz marketing, which encompasses this concept, the key points for a successful Buzz marketing campaign and the 2 most representative examples of this marketing technique is. Buzz Marketing definition A good definition of Buzz Marketing can be: Buzz Marketing  is a marketing technique known as  “word of mouth”, “word of mouth” or “mouth-ear” […]

It is like people to grow up playing. When you are born, you are given a rattle and a stuffed animal, when you are 3 or 4 years old, we have the first doll or the first plastic car to throw you down the stairs and make you hit the walls of the house. We continue to […]

It is well known by all the great change that the Internet meant in our lives and how it was not going to be less, marketing adapted to that new era. The Digital Marketing or Online Marketing has pursued the use of the Internet and gave us opportunities to promote a business or brand more efficiently. In […]

Relationships have always been at the center of business development, and the most natural way to establish relationships has always been to do some degree in the universities, go to specialized masters, events, etc before the drastic revolution of social networks. In the digital world where we live, social networks can accelerate the process of […]

Smartphones, Tablets: Mobile devices are becoming more and more important for brand management and more are added, such as SmartWatch and wearables. The development of Smart Living will also support the further expansion that we see in Mobile Health. Mobile branding is brand management with mobile devices. The user can communicate at any time (24/7), […]