A few days ago we explained to you that one of our services that most demand us is the digital marketing for restaurants in Stockholm, where our UBT Consults is. In that post, we explained to you the great importance that Internet presence is charging for restaurants in recent years.

We commented on the great importance of product photography and of putting our product in the foreground to take advantage of the viscerality of a decision such as what to eat by opening the appetite, of the benefits of having a good fanpage from which to promote well-structured ads in Facebook, or the exciting thing that is to facilitate the clients that share photos in their RRSS offering them WiFi. Today we want to provide some digital marketing tips for restaurants, based on common sense.

Keep in mind that before starting to post photos on social networks without rhyme or reason, you must make a good plan of marketing, defining the target audience you wish to attract and thinking what actions are best for the lure. No restaurant will be for everyone, so wishing to appeal everybody will be only waste of resources and time. Rate what types of restaurant you are and which ones fit the image you want to convey. If you’re going to be luxury and exclusive restaurant, a contest on Instagram is not your best option.

Digital Marketing Moves with A Worthy Product

This must be applied to any area and any sorts of marketing, online or offline, however, even more to the restoration. I will illustrate with a personal story: a few weeks back we went to a restaurant attracted by some photos of cuisines one of my friends gotten on Instagram. When we went there, we found a reasonable place and a meal that was just right located in an area with brutal competition.

You must take into account that the consumer of today is very challenging and is very well informed, so if you wish to build loyalty, you will need to have enough nice photos on the net. In addition, you should bear in mind that platforms like Tripadvisor, Google Maps, or Yelp give great weight to the comments of your users, providing greater or lesser visibility according to your score. So caring your client, despite what you may think, not only those who want to criticize write. Every customer can be an influencer.

Content Marketing

When it comes to positioning a website, Google considers the regularity with which it renews its content. The blog can be an awesome tool to obtain a persistent flow of traction on your website.You can give advice on cooking, nutrition or healthy living, or also do it through a YouTube channel. Content is a great way to build audience loyalty and add value to your social networks.

Email Marketing

Getting a commercial email can be perceived as intrusive and, if it is poorly done, it is easy for you to be labeled as spam and sent to oblivion forever. However, well done, a newsletter may be a great instrument to create impact in the minds of your customers. Measure yourself in the periodicity of this and try to offer a content that is of value: changes in the letter or the schedules or special events. It can also be used to offer exclusive offers, strengthening loyalty and giving weight reasons
to subscribe to the newsletter.

Be Careful with Offers through Booking Platforms

Some platforms like eltenedor.com allow, in a very simple way, to make discounts and offers can get to a lot of people. This is a two-way weapon. First, it can allow many people who otherwise would never have known you to come to you. However, exceeding you can attract a particular type of customer interested only in offers. Use these tools with caution.

Contests on Instagram

In previous posts dedicated to marketing for restaurants, we talked about how exciting it is for a restaurant to get visibility not only on its wall but also in the client’s wall. Instagram is the ideal platform for it. There are different ways to get it, but the contest is the most effective. Offer an award to the best photographs of your menus, create a hashtag in which to see all the pictures and ask your customers to tag you.

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