Many times we launch our online store with all the excitement of the world, to take us the not so exciting surprise of seeing that the months pass and we do not achieve the online sales that we expected.

And, although obviously, that generates us a kind of lofty frustration, the most important thing is not to let that feeling win, to sit down to see what is happening and adjust what has to be fixed, so that those sales do arrive!

So today I want to share 5 common mistakes of entrepreneurs with online stores, so you can check if one of those can be what is hurting your online sales today and see how to adjust it. How to attract more and better customers, is the key!

Mistake # 1: The Number of Visits Is Not Enough For Your Online Store’s Sales Expectations

This is one of the first checks I would recommend you do because the sales process works like a funnel which means that among all the people who visit your store, only a smaller percentage will buy.

The issue is that this percentage generally in the online world is usually much lower than we expect or know. To give you an idea, on average it is generally between 1% to 5%. Of course, this change depending on the industry and the average price of your products, but what I want you to see is that they are low percentages.

What does it mean? That of every 100 people who visit your store, only 1 to 5 (at the most!) They will buy. If we compare it with what would happen in a physical store, those numbers are low. If 100 people enter your premises, it is an avalanche of people, of which surely more than one will buy. The issue is that, in the online world, entering an ad or publication is much easier and does not require effort. It does not involve driving to a store, parking the car and having to tell the seller in the face that you do not want to buy anything.

In the online world, entering a store has no cost to that person, so as he clicked, he also closes the sale and leaves.

Therefore, many times the first common error is that we have sales expectations that are not aligned with the traffic that we are taking to our store.

Mistake # 2: Without A Plan, There Are No Visits

This is often the error that I see the most: we launch our online store with all the expectations of the world, but without any plan to make people effectively arrive at your store.

Unlike a physical location, where if you are in an excellent place with a good flow of people, some people will come to see what you are offering; in the online world that does not happen. And that flow of people we have to generate ourselves. Without a plan to intentionally take visitors to your online store, no one will probably arrive, or very few people visit.

Of course, what you share on your social networks and have a regular content calendar will help you to bring followers to your store. But many times, that alone is not enough, and we have to leverage other tools, such as advertising on Instagram or ads on Facebook, Google Ads or partnerships so that more people (potential customers) arrive.

That is why it is key to put together a marketing plan to define what plans you are going to make and with what investment behind, to achieve the traffic objectives that you wish to your online store.

Mistake # 3: You Are Not Making The Most of  The Power of Advertising on Networks

Another mistake I see is that we think advertising pays as an expense instead of viewing it as an investment. (A necessary investment to sell!). Sometimes because we are afraid of “throwing money” for not knowing how to do it well or because we feel that “we do not get the people we want” and we think something is wrong with segmentation.

Of course, they are fears or common mistakes at the beginning, and the issue is that advertising on social networks, like every new world, you have to learn it, try it, make mistakes, adjust and keep working. That today you do not know how to do it all right does not mean that you will not learn to do it.

And I think that learning to do it or delegate it to someone if you do not enjoy learning it is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Because network advertising is one of the most powerful tools available to bring traffic quickly and segmented into your online store.

But also, and I think the most powerful of all, is that it is a tool that allows you to re-advertise (much more segmented) all those people who have already visited your store but did not buy anything.

That begins to be the real power of advertising in networks: the possibility of re-marketing (re-marketing) people who already interacted and showed interest in your products. Because then every time you take more segmented and personalized traffic, and that’s when those conversion percentages start to grow.

Because it is not the same that someone arrives for the first time at your store versus someone who has already visited and now you are advertising them with an exclusive offer for that product that already interested you. The conversion will be much higher because you are showing that advertising only to people who have already seen that product and with a 100% customized incentive to them.

Mistake # 4: You Are Only Doing Direct Sales Publications And Advertisements for Your Online Store

The fourth common mistake that may be hurting your online sales, however counter-intuitive it sounds, is if you’re doing direct sales publications or advertisements. Sometimes the more we try to sell, the less we sell.

Because as we saw before, the sale is a process. And many of your potential customers perhaps are not ready to buy now immediately; but that does not mean that they will not be prepared to buy later.

Imagine that you have an online store for party dresses. Maybe there are a lot of your potential customers who love your style and your dresses, but today you do not have any parties, so you have no interest in buying them.

If you only pass it to her, making direct sales messages, “buy now,” “discount on dresses,” “last available” …. That person probably gets tired, gets bored and does not want to see your publications anymore.

On the other hand, if you also give her content that adds value, that entertains her, that connects her emotionally with your brand and with you, then that person will have an incentive to stay in your community, to keep watching your
publications and, when Finally, if you have the party, you will be one of your first options.

Why? Because you stayed with her throughout her process and you did not show up to sell her when she was ready to buy.

It is strategic to inspire and share valuable content in your social networks that do not imply just the fact of selling.

Mistake # 5: You Are Not Doing Anything With All the People Who Arrive, but They Do Not Buy Immediately From your Online Store

Finally and too important, as we saw at the beginning, online conversions are on average between 1% to 5%, what happens then with the remaining 95% of people who come to your online store but do not buy?

If we do nothing, nothing happens. Just as they arrived, they leave, and maybe they never hear about your brand again.

And that is the last common mistake, which we have to avoid. With how much it costs (in time and money!) To take visitors to your store, we can not afford to lose 95% of those visits, just because they are not ready to buy right now.

There appears the key role of mails and email marketing. One of the objectives of your online store should be to capture as many emails as possible of those people who arrive (visits) but are not ready to buy (now).

To then be able to maintain a weekly or biweekly communication with them by mail, sharing valuable content, news or special promotions, until they are ready to take that step of buying your products.


As always, our suggestion is to move forward in order step by step. Do not try to adjust everything at the same time or leave now desperate to do email marketing campaigns, if we are not even carrying enough traffic to our store.

Because then, to whom are we going to ask for the mail? If you want to sell on the internet, remember that with UBT CONSULTS AB you can create a thoroughly professional online store with the image of your brand. You have XX day risk free trial!