Do you have the feeling that you should master any platform, strategy or tactics, and everything that changes at a faster speed? On the one hand, for this we love marketing: it is constantly evolving. And on the other hand – slow down, please! Alas, no one will slow down, and we need not only […]

Facebook Leads Ads: is it still exciting? Do they really work? And does this reduce costs? In this article, we explain everything about the form of advertising that Facebook has made available four years ago in June 2015. Various companies are already using them, but much is still unknown about this form of advertising. How […]

Have you already tried Facebook Ads? Are you still not getting enough results from your ads? The most important problem is often reaching the right target group. In this article, we will give you 13 tips to optimize your Facebook advertisement. # 1: Keep mobile and desktop ads separate Make sure your ad groups for […]

SEO and online marketing are necessary to promote a business, these practices require time and effort, as well as specific knowledge, for this reason, it is important that if you want to position yourself to hire specialists in the field, it is a good investment for your business. From UBT CONSULTS, we are going to show you […]

In this SEO 2019 guide, I want to show you how to position your website in the main Internet search engine: Google. How to position my Hotel in Google, how to position my travel agency, how to position any tourism website or how to position any website. If you have asked yourself these questions, here […]

One of the main doubts that arise when creating a new project or enhancing an existing business is what web positioning strategy to follow, that is, whether to opt for organic positioning or SEO or for a paid positioning, which we also know as SEM. You tend to think of an SEO vs. SEM fight, […]

Improving the loading speed of WordPress is a task in which different factors come into play. For that reason, in this post, we want to explain step by step how to maximize the WPO and how load speed affects the SEO. To explain the whole process and to do it as simply as possible, we have divided the article […]

Creating a buyer person should be the basis of any marketing strategy you make. The problem is that many times due to ignorance, we do not know what a buyer persona is and what are the differences between the target audience and the target market. In addition, when making a Social Media Plan or a […]