Marketing for Restaurants at Christmas: Start Now!

Doing marketing for restaurants at Christmas is an important key for your business, why? Although we all know that there will be many business dinners and that is the time of the cornucopia, if we know how to prepare it in advance, we can do with the big companies (who pay the most expensive menus) and organize these events seriously and ahem, progress. The reservation portals, for example, have already started their Christmas campaign this week and it is crucial that, at least, you are thinking about the menus you want to offer in your restaurant.

Marketing for Restaurants in Christmas 2018: The Tricks To Have The Best Business Menu

The years of opulence in which companies invited everyone to $ 50 menus are a bit in their low hours. Most people have to pay for their dinners right now, so it’s important that you keep an eye on the price. Regarding the alternative theme, with 3 menus is more than enough. Put main dishes that you know that everyone likes more or less, period. When a restaurant sends you 7 different menus, you do not know what to choose.

Another issue is how Christmas has to be the menu: the odd detail is worth it, but it is important not to go too far. Also, do not opt ​​for cumbersome menus; the companies lately are choosing for more informal menus and not the mythical 7 plates with consommé, three hundred appetizers, meat, and fish … In the theme of the dessert, it is okay to put some little nougat, but not that the dessert is just nougat. If you are in Stockholm, ​​for example, you can always play and make a dessert decorated
with Almond Caramel Cake (Toscakaka), which is lighter. The theme of the sparkling wine is also often decisive when choosing: all companies and friends like to make a toast as a farewell to the year.

How To Manage The Christmas Restaurant Campaign in Reservations Portals

You must be very precise with your instructions for Christmas reservations, or you run the risk of receiving many reservations with menus, and on days that you do not they interest you They will remember you as well, but it does not hurt that you keep it in mind. For a year I worked on the Christmas campaign of one of these portals, and I recommend the following:

Define Your Quota Well

Inform all the pages of the total allowance for groups you have: it may not be the same as that of the whole restaurant or, if you put together tables, it may be larger. Take advantage of this advantage.

Close The Days That You Will Be On Vacation

Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year, San Esteban … If you are not going to open, close them on your calendar so that you do not receive any reservations due to misunderstandings and you do not like a client.

The Days of Company Dinners, Only Christmas Menus

If the days that you are going to offer Christmas menus want to offer this menu, be sure to close all the menus that are usually active in the portals. That way there will be no way to get confused.

Ask for Payment And Sign

As much as you have made the reservation, be sure to ask for a payment and signal to the clients that arrive by these means. There are many clients and dates of secure reservations, so if you cancel one at the last moment, it’s a lady’s job.

If You Drop A Reservation, Ask for Help

In the last days before the company dinners, the portals continue to receive requests from groups, and they do not know where to put the reservations. So, if you drop any, do not hesitate to call them to advise your restaurant; they will have options to recommend, and you will have the opportunity to fill that empty space again. In my year, I saved more than one night!

Send Them The Menu Now!

The first requests for business dinners to portals are starting, and they will be preparing the Christmas campaign with a special section on the web, newsletters, etc. If you send them your proposal soon, you will have ballots to have visibility in these sections and win customers, not just for Christmas. Go ahead and be smarter than others!

Finally, do not forget to update your Christmas menus on your own website, because, if they are going to visit you directly, you must have your website updated and ready to get reservations!

In short, even if it’s a good time for your business, do not forget to do Marketing for restaurants at Christmas!

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