How To Position A Restaurant In Google Maps

We have all found ourselves in this situation: time to eat or dine in an area of ​​the city that we do not know, take the phone out of your pocket and open Google Maps to see what options we have around us. In recent weeks we have dedicated several entries to marketing for restaurants, and today I want to explain how to position a restaurant in Google Maps.

It is a fundamental tool to make our business known since it will not only make us appear in the map service, but it will also have a direct effect on the results of the search engine,[will be linked with How to position a restaurant on Google: tips and tricks] significantly increasing our visibility in the areas close to our premises. Google can interpret when the search is local even if the user does not specify, for example, “restaurants in Stockholm” and is limited to search “restaurants.” The search
engine understands that what you are looking for is a place to eat near where you are.

Thus, local searches are a great advantage, since it limits the competition and dramatically facilitates
appearing in the top positions.

Google My Business

From the search engine are determined to unseat TripAdvisor or Yelp with Google My Business, a tool in which they have unified Google Places and the vast potential of Google Maps, giving you great business visibility.

To register your business, you only have to access through the portal or download your application for Android or iPhone. After logging in and registering your company, in a straightforward process, Google will send you by physical mail a letter with a code to verify that it is a real business.

To optimize our profile to the maximum, we must fill in all the possible data, which My Business
divides into four main tabs:
First tab:

  • basic information
  • Name of the business
  • services we offer
  • Basic description
  • Address
  • Schedule
  • Web page

The more accurate the information we give, the better, especially the schedules, which we should not forget to update if we change them. The website is not mandatory, but keep in mind that if we can position our business well in local searches, we will have a link above the organic results of Google and who can say no to that?

Second Tab: Photographs

We will not tire of insisting on the importance of photography in the marketing of a restaurant. A photograph of a delicious dish may be the reason why a customer may decide to go to your restaurant. Take care of the photographs, edit them and give them as much visibility as you can. But do not limit yourself only to food, you should also take pictures of your place to show the atmosphere and decoration, something that can also have an important effect called.

Third Tab: Reviews

The opinions of your customers are of vital importance on platforms like TripAdvisor and Google Maps is no different, one of the main reasons why we always say that marketing starts with a good product. If your customers are happy, they will leave good reviews, you will have a good score, and you will position yourself better. If you have a bad score, it will cost you more to have visibility and win customers.

From this tab, you can view all the reviews that your customers have made of your business and also answer them. Of course, in no case, you can delete or delete them. However, if you have the option to report them and if you think that one is abusive or does not refer to your business. Google will analyze it and proceed to eliminate it if it considers it appropriate.

Fourth Tab: Analytics
From here you can analyze the behavior of users who come to the profile of your business: if they have accessed the web, looked at the photographs or if they have searched how to get to your restaurant.

5 Tips for positioning a restaurant in Google Maps

  • Always update your profile before any news: new letter, change of schedules …
  • Select the main category of your company well. For example, it is much better to indicate that you are an Asian restaurant than a restaurant.
  • Optimize the SEO of your website, and it also helps a lot.
  • Encourage your customers to write reviews on Google Maps, but never counterfeit them! If Google detects irregularities, it can seriously penalize you.
  • As always, analyze what your direct competition does both what you do well and what you
    do wrong and take ideas.

I hope this post will help you solve the most common doubts about how to position a restaurant in Google Maps.
Until next time.
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