Marketing for Restaurants at Christmas: Start Now!

Doing marketing for restaurants at Christmas is an important key for your business, why? Although we all know that there will be many business dinners and that is the time of the cornucopia, if we know how to prepare it in advance, we can do with the big companies (who pay the most expensive menus) […]

Digital Marketing Tips For Restaurants

A few days ago we explained to you that one of our services that most demand us is the digital marketing for restaurants in Stockholm, where our UBT Consults is. In that post, we explained to you the great importance that Internet presence is charging for restaurants in recent years. We commented on the great […]

How To Position A Restaurant on Google: Tips And Tricks

Google has become the place to go to consult any doubt, no matter if it is the date of birth of the third Russian Tsar or a place to eat. Whatever your business, you have to have a good position in the search engines. When looking for a place to fill your stomach, one of […]

How To Position A Restaurant In Google Maps

We have all found ourselves in this situation: time to eat or dine in an area of ​​the city that we do not know, take the phone out of your pocket and open Google Maps to see what options we have around us. In recent weeks we have dedicated several entries to marketing for restaurants, […]

5 Common Mistakes That May Be Hurting Your Online Sales

Many times we launch our online store with all the excitement of the world, to take us the not so exciting surprise of seeing that the months pass and we do not achieve the online sales that we expected. And, although obviously, that generates us a kind of lofty frustration, the most important thing is […]

5 Advantages of Having Your Business Open 24 Hours

We already know that selling online offers many benefits, many of them unimaginable just a few years ago. In this post we are going to talk about one of the main ones (and the dream of every merchant): to have a business invoicing 24 hours a day! 1) Your Store is Open All Day, but […]