5 Advantages of Having Your Business Open 24 Hours

We already know that selling online offers many benefits, many of them unimaginable just a few years ago.

In this post we are going to talk about one of the main ones (and the dream of every merchant): to have a business invoicing 24 hours a day!

1) Your Store is Open All Day, but You Work What You Want (And When You Want!)

It is likely that if you have a place in the street, you have to be there all the time physically, between or not between anybody, because you can not miss any possibility of a sale.
Maybe most of the time you spend waiting for some potential client to enter (a precious time that you could be investing in other things, like enjoying your family, right?).
An online store is open 24 hours but does not force you to be behind the counter all that time. This means that you can dispose of it according to your own needs, comforts and tastes!

“Having an online store is having your business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The good thing about this is that, by not requesting to be present as in a physical store, you can manage your time while giving your customers the possibility to purchase outside of business hours.”

And this brings us to the next point.

2) Forget The Traditional Trade Hours

Your online store allows you to earn sales outside of conventional business hours. So, you can reach potential customers who can not buy at that time and who, of course, will be more than grateful to be able to do so at the time they want and from the comfort of your home. The image of the customer running to arrive on time to the store before closing to buy a product is without effect against the flexibility offered by electronic commerce.

“The e-commerce generated a revolution on traditional commerce that, mostly, works on established days and times. For a customer to buy a product for their baby at 4 a.m. on a Sunday seems impossible, unthinkable and even ridiculous. However, today, this is the case. This happens.”

Something that impacts us a lot is to wake up and see that a sale was generated, for example, at 5 in the morning, while we were sleeping. Being able to attend to the customer’s needs, at any time, without being present physically or virtually, is an advantage of the e-commerce that we value very much.

The reading could be: “At the moment I’m not working, but I’m billing” And it is that waiting times do not exist in online commerce. In addition, if you put the focus on designing a simple and intuitive purchasing process, and if you invest time in writing excellent product descriptions, your potential customers will be able to buy you without (practically) having doubts.

“The waiting is over to be attended or to pay since the purchase process is easy and intuitive. You do not have to move to a physical store within a schedule, fearing that you will not arrive before closing.”

On the other hand, you can walk through the catalog of products as many times as you want to see the prices and details without having a salesman next door, and I think this is key to be able to buy relaxed and that the shopping experience is positive.

3) Can You Imagine How Much It Would Cost You To

have your physical business open all day? From a higher expense in the services of light, telephone, security and personal! All this you save with your online store, so you can focus on what matters most: sell your products and grow your business.

4) Your Store Opens For 24 Hours. Worldwide!

Your business does not have closing hours, that concept does not exist here! This means that anyone from anywhere in the world can become your client. Yes, you read well, no matter where you are or what your time zone is, the
planet is your potential client!

“With our online store we can reach people from all over the world, it’s spectacular! We receive inquiries from all Europe and even from The USA! There are no geographical limits, and we break every time barrier: our business is open 24 hours a day! ”

5) A Wheel That Does Not Stop

When we talk about an open business every day, we do not only refer to the online store business but everything that goes with it and makes it more powerful.

This includes the internet marketing actions you are doing, the payment gateways are chosen and the companies that you have hired to receive and send your products.

All of these elements work 24 hours a day for the growth of your online business and for you to get modern and desired lifestyle.

“Knowing that your ads on social networks are showing, that the store is receiving visits, that collection platforms are receiving payments, that logistics companies are generating shipments of your products 24 hours a day, is something as incredible as exciting.”

We are sure that after reading the 5 advantages of having an online business open 24 hours a day, you already want to open yours! Create your e-commerce today with UBT CONSULTS AB and start selling online like an expert. You have XX day risk free trial!

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