Marketing for Restaurants at Christmas: Start Now!

Doing marketing for restaurants at Christmas is an important key for your business, why? Although we all know that there will be many business dinners and that is the time of the cornucopia, if we know how to prepare it in advance, we can do with the big companies (who pay the most expensive menus) and organize these events seriously and ahem, progress. The reservation portals, for example, have already started their Christmas campaign this week and it is crucial that, at least, you are thinking about the menus you want to offer in your restaurant.

Marketing for Restaurants in Christmas 2018: The Tricks To Have The Best Business Menu

The years of opulence in which companies invited everyone to $ 50 menus are a bit in their low hours. Most people have to pay for their dinners right now, so it’s important that you keep an eye on the price. Regarding the alternative theme, with 3 menus is more than enough. Put main dishes that you know that everyone likes more or less, period. When a restaurant sends you 7 different menus, you do not know what to choose.

Another issue is how Christmas has to be the menu: the odd detail is worth it, but it is important not to go too far. Also, do not opt ​​for cumbersome menus; the companies lately are choosing for more informal menus and not the mythical 7 plates with consommé, three hundred appetizers, meat, and fish … In the theme of the dessert, it is okay to put some little nougat, but not that the dessert is just nougat. If you are in Stockholm, ​​for example, you can always play and make a dessert decorated
with Almond Caramel Cake (Toscakaka), which is lighter. The theme of the sparkling wine is also often decisive when choosing: all companies and friends like to make a toast as a farewell to the year.

How To Manage The Christmas Restaurant Campaign in Reservations Portals

You must be very precise with your instructions for Christmas reservations, or you run the risk of receiving many reservations with menus, and on days that you do not they interest you They will remember you as well, but it does not hurt that you keep it in mind. For a year I worked on the Christmas campaign of one of these portals, and I recommend the following:

Define Your Quota Well

Inform all the pages of the total allowance for groups you have: it may not be the same as that of the whole restaurant or, if you put together tables, it may be larger. Take advantage of this advantage.

Close The Days That You Will Be On Vacation

Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year, San Esteban … If you are not going to open, close them on your calendar so that you do not receive any reservations due to misunderstandings and you do not like a client.

The Days of Company Dinners, Only Christmas Menus

If the days that you are going to offer Christmas menus want to offer this menu, be sure to close all the menus that are usually active in the portals. That way there will be no way to get confused.

Ask for Payment And Sign

As much as you have made the reservation, be sure to ask for a payment and signal to the clients that arrive by these means. There are many clients and dates of secure reservations, so if you cancel one at the last moment, it’s a lady’s job.

If You Drop A Reservation, Ask for Help

In the last days before the company dinners, the portals continue to receive requests from groups, and they do not know where to put the reservations. So, if you drop any, do not hesitate to call them to advise your restaurant; they will have options to recommend, and you will have the opportunity to fill that empty space again. In my year, I saved more than one night!

Send Them The Menu Now!

The first requests for business dinners to portals are starting, and they will be preparing the Christmas campaign with a special section on the web, newsletters, etc. If you send them your proposal soon, you will have ballots to have visibility in these sections and win customers, not just for Christmas. Go ahead and be smarter than others!

Finally, do not forget to update your Christmas menus on your own website, because, if they are going to visit you directly, you must have your website updated and ready to get reservations!

In short, even if it’s a good time for your business, do not forget to do Marketing for restaurants at Christmas!

Until the next time
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Digital Marketing Tips For Restaurants

A few days ago we explained to you that one of our services that most demand us is the digital marketing for restaurants in Stockholm, where our UBT Consults is. In that post, we explained to you the great importance that Internet presence is charging for restaurants in recent years.

We commented on the great importance of product photography and of putting our product in the foreground to take advantage of the viscerality of a decision such as what to eat by opening the appetite, of the benefits of having a good fanpage from which to promote well-structured ads in Facebook, or the exciting thing that is to facilitate the clients that share photos in their RRSS offering them WiFi. Today we want to provide some digital marketing tips for restaurants, based on common sense.

Keep in mind that before starting to post photos on social networks without rhyme or reason, you must make a good plan of marketing, defining the target audience you wish to attract and thinking what actions are best for the lure. No restaurant will be for everyone, so wishing to appeal everybody will be only waste of resources and time. Rate what types of restaurant you are and which ones fit the image you want to convey. If you’re going to be luxury and exclusive restaurant, a contest on Instagram is not your best option.

Marketing Moves with A Worthy Product

This must be applied to any area and any sorts of marketing, online or offline, however, even more to the restoration. I will illustrate with a personal story: a few weeks back we went to a restaurant attracted by some photos of cuisines one of my friends gotten on Instagram. When we went there, we found a reasonable place and a meal that was just right located in an area with brutal competition.

You must take into account that the consumer of today is very challenging and is very well informed, so if you wish to build loyalty, you will need to have enough nice photos on the net. In addition, you should bear in mind that platforms like Tripadvisor, Google Maps, or Yelp give great weight to the comments of your users, providing greater or lesser visibility according to your score. So caring your client, despite what you may think, not only those who want to criticize write. Every customer can be an influencer.

Content Marketing

When it comes to positioning a website, Google considers the regularity with which it renews its content. The blog can be an awesome tool to obtain a persistent flow of traction on your website.You can give advice on cooking, nutrition or healthy living, or also do it through a YouTube channel. Content is a great way to build audience loyalty and add value to your social networks.

Email Marketing

Getting a commercial email can be perceived as intrusive and, if it is poorly done, it is easy for you to be labeled as spam and sent to oblivion forever. However, well done, a newsletter may be a great instrument to create impact in the minds of your customers. Measure yourself in the periodicity of this and try to offer a content that is of value: changes in the letter or the schedules or special events. It can also be used to offer exclusive offers, strengthening loyalty and giving weight reasons
to subscribe to the newsletter.

Be Careful with Offers through Booking Platforms

Some platforms like allow, in a very simple way, to make discounts and offers can get to a lot of people. This is a two-way weapon. First, it can allow many people who otherwise would never have known you to come to you. However, exceeding you can attract a particular type of customer interested only in offers. Use these tools with caution.

Contests on Instagram

In previous posts dedicated to marketing for restaurants, we talked about how exciting it is for a restaurant to get visibility not only on its wall but also in the client’s wall. Instagram is the ideal platform for it. There are different ways to get it, but the contest is the most effective. Offer an award to the best photographs of your menus, create a hashtag in which to see all the pictures and ask your customers tag you.

Until next time!
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How To Position A Restaurant on Google: Tips And Tricks

Google has become the place to go to consult any doubt, no matter if it is the date of birth of the third Russian Tsar or a place to eat. Whatever your business, you have to have a good position in the search engines. When looking for a place to fill your stomach, one of the first gestures that usually done is to take the phone out of your pocket and see what’s around you. That’s why in today’s post I will offer you some tips that respond to how to position a restaurant in Google.

The SEO [Will be linked with future post] is one of the most important to work with local searches and it requires quite a lot of hard work. In the other pages of our website, we explained to you that the main activity we do is marketing for restaurants. [Will be linked with future post]

How Do Google Searches Work?

In order to position a restaurant correctly on Google, it is important to understand how your local searches [Will be linked with future post] work. Google’s growing ability to interpret what you’re looking for will never cease to amaze.

For some time now, your algorithm is able to interpret if you are looking for something that is around you or not. It does for example if you search for “Barcelona restaurants,” but you do not even need to do a geographical search, with “pizza” or “sushi” it will already show restaurants around you.

Tips on How To Position A Restaurant on Google
Create A Profile on Google My Business

Google My Business is the tool that Mountain View offers to the owners of a business to keep all your data updated. It will allow you to manage the way your restaurant will appear on Google, both in the search and in Maps. Add your schedules and keep them updated. Photos, phone, contact forms … The more complete your file, the better Google will value you.

Remove Your Duplicate Profiles

Google allows anyone to add information to services such as Maps. This will enable you to gather a considerable amount of data, but it also leads to duplicate profiles that sometimes confuse. Keep in mind that this can also happen in Facebook and other directories such as Yellow Pages, negatively impacting your positioning in Google even if they are services external to the search engine. Remove as many as you can.

Create Profiles In Local Directories And Social Networks

In the same way that duplicate profiles can hurt the positioning of a restaurant in Google, the absence of profiles in social networks and local directories is also detrimental. Believe them! And make sure that in all of them the name is the same.

Categorize Your Restaurant Correctly

Both in Google My Business and in other directories, it is very important to make correct use of categories, subcategories, and labels. It is not worth saying that you are a restaurant, it is much better to specify everything you can: “Italian restaurant” or “Argentine restaurant” will give you much better results.

Invest In A Virtual Tour of Your Restaurant

Admire the decor, contemplate the atmosphere and charm that your local offers, plus the security of showing that the store you have found through the network really exists … are just some of the advantages of virtual tours offered by Google Maps Business View [Will be linked with future post]. A service that allows you to incorporate panoramic photos in 360º with which to surround a potential client.

Choose The URL Well And Keep Your Web Updated

A right URL should be short and easy to remember. It is recommended that you put the location where you are located, so that it differs quickly from other restaurants that may have a similar name in other cities, and will facilitate the appearance in local searches. You can not put it in the URL unless it appears in the “tag title” of your site and the URL of any of the web pages.

Make sure the address, phone number, and restaurant name appear as text on the web, which is what Google bots can read. If they are embedded in an image, it will not work for you. Try to change the content of your website on a regular basis -for example, with a blog, something that Google values ​​very positively. Of course, it must be responsive [Will be linked with future post] and well adapted to mobile so that it loads quickly.

Get Reviews of Your Restaurant

One of the aspects that Google values ​​most is the assessment that customers make of you. Encourage them to rate on Google Maps and leave their reviews, perhaps with small discounts. The best thing is to go adding little by little, because if they arrive many at once and then there is a downturn, Google can suspect that you have bought something you should never do.

I hope these little tricks to position a restaurant on Google have served you. In our next posts, we will continue with more marketing tips for restaurants.

Until next time!
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How To Position A Restaurant In Google Maps

We have all found ourselves in this situation: time to eat or dine in an area of ​​the city that we do not know, take the phone out of your pocket and open Google Maps to see what options we have around us. In recent weeks we have dedicated several entries to marketing for restaurants, and today I want to explain how to position a restaurant in Google Maps.

It is a fundamental tool to make our business known since it will not only make us appear in the map service, but it will also have a direct effect on the results of the search engine,[will be linked with How to position a restaurant on Google: tips and tricks] significantly increasing our visibility in the areas close to our premises. Google can interpret when the search is local even if the user does not specify, for example, “restaurants in Stockholm” and is limited to search “restaurants.” The search
engine understands that what you are looking for is a place to eat near where you are.

Thus, local searches are a great advantage, since it limits the competition and dramatically facilitates
appearing in the top positions.

Google My Business

From the search engine are determined to unseat TripAdvisor or Yelp with Google My Business, a tool in which they have unified Google Places and the vast potential of Google Maps, giving you great business visibility.

To register your business, you only have to access through the portal or download your application for Android or iPhone. After logging in and registering your company, in a straightforward process, Google will send you by physical mail a letter with a code to verify that it is a real business.

To optimize our profile to the maximum, we must fill in all the possible data, which My Business
divides into four main tabs:
First tab:

  • basic information
  • Name of the business
  • services we offer
  • Basic description
  • Address
  • Schedule
  • Web page

The more accurate the information we give, the better, especially the schedules, which we should not forget to update if we change them. The website is not mandatory, but keep in mind that if we can position our business well in local searches, we will have a link above the organic results of Google and who can say no to that?

Second Tab: Photographs

We will not tire of insisting on the importance of photography in the marketing of a restaurant. A photograph of a delicious dish may be the reason why a customer may decide to go to your restaurant. Take care of the photographs, edit them and give them as much visibility as you can. But do not limit yourself only to food, you should also take pictures of your place to show the atmosphere and decoration, something that can also have an important effect called.

Third Tab: Reviews

The opinions of your customers are of vital importance on platforms like TripAdvisor and Google Maps is no different, one of the main reasons why we always say that marketing starts with a good product. If your customers are happy, they will leave good reviews, you will have a good score, and you will position yourself better. If you have a bad score, it will cost you more to have visibility and win customers.

From this tab, you can view all the reviews that your customers have made of your business and also answer them. Of course, in no case, you can delete or delete them. However, if you have the option to report them and if you think that one is abusive or does not refer to your business. Google will analyze it and proceed to eliminate it if it considers it appropriate.

Fourth Tab: Analytics
From here you can analyze the behavior of users who come to the profile of your business: if they have accessed the web, looked at the photographs or if they have searched how to get to your restaurant.

5 Tips for positioning a restaurant in Google Maps

  • Always update your profile before any news: new letter, change of schedules …
  • Select the main category of your company well. For example, it is much better to indicate that you are an Asian restaurant than a restaurant.
  • Optimize the SEO of your website, and it also helps a lot.
  • Encourage your customers to write reviews on Google Maps, but never counterfeit them! If Google detects irregularities, it can seriously penalize you.
  • As always, analyze what your direct competition does both what you do well and what you
    do wrong and take ideas.

I hope this post will help you solve the most common doubts about how to position a restaurant in Google Maps.
Until next time.
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5 Common Mistakes That May Be Hurting Your Online Sales

Many times we launch our online store with all the excitement of the world, to take us the not so exciting surprise of seeing that the months pass and we do not achieve the online sales that we expected.

And, although obviously, that generates us a kind of lofty frustration, the most important thing is not to let that feeling win, to sit down to see what is happening and adjust what has to be fixed, so that those sales do arrive!

So today I want to share 5 common mistakes of entrepreneurs with online stores, so you can check if one of those can be what is hurting your online sales today and see how to adjust it. How to attract more and better customers, is the key!

Mistake # 1: The Number of Visits Is Not Enough For Your Sales Expectations

This is one of the first checks I would recommend you do because the sales process works like a funnel which means that among all the people who visit your store, only a smaller percentage will buy.

The issue is that this percentage generally in the online world is usually much lower than we expect or know. To give you an idea, on average it is generally between 1% to 5%. Of course, this change depending on the industry and the average price of your products, but what I want you to see is that they are low percentages.

What does it mean? That of every 100 people who visit your store, only 1 to 5 (at the most!) They will buy. If we compare it with what would happen in a physical store, those numbers are low. If 100 people enter your premises, it is an avalanche of people, of which surely more than one will buy. The issue is that, in the online world, entering an ad or publication is much easier and does not require effort. It does not involve driving to a store, parking the car and having to tell the seller in the face that you do not want to buy anything.

In the online world, entering a store has no cost to that person, so as he clicked, he also closes the sale and leaves.

Therefore, many times the first common error is that we have sales expectations that are not aligned with the traffic that we are taking to our store.

Mistake # 2: Without A Plan, There Are No Visits

This is often the error that I see the most: we launch our online store with all the expectations of the world, but without any plan to make people effectively arrive at your store.

Unlike a physical location, where if you are in an excellent place with a good flow of people, some people will come to see what you are offering; in the online world that does not happen. And that flow of people we have to generate ourselves. Without a plan to intentionally take visitors to your online store, no one will probably arrive, or very few people visit.

Of course, what you share on your social networks and have a regular content calendar will help you to bring followers to your store. But many times, that alone is not enough, and we have to leverage other tools, such as advertising on Instagram or ads on Facebook, Google Ads or partnerships so that more people (potential customers) arrive.

That is why it is key to put together a marketing plan to define what plans you are going to make and with what investment behind, to achieve the traffic objectives that you wish to your online store.

Mistake # 3: You Are Not Making The Most of  The Power of Advertising on Networks

Another mistake I see is that we think advertising pays as an expense instead of viewing it as an investment. (A necessary investment to sell!). Sometimes because we are afraid of “throwing money” for not knowing how to do it well or because we feel that “we do not get the people we want” and we think something is wrong with segmentation.

Of course, they are fears or common mistakes at the beginning, and the issue is that advertising on social networks, like every new world, you have to learn it, try it, make mistakes, adjust and keep working. That today you do not know how to do it all right does not mean that you will not learn to do it.

And I think that learning to do it or delegate it to someone if you do not enjoy learning it is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Because network advertising is one of the most powerful tools available to bring traffic quickly and segmented into your online store.

But also, and I think the most powerful of all, is that it is a tool that allows you to re-advertise (much more segmented) all those people who have already visited your store but did not buy anything.

That begins to be the real power of advertising in networks: the possibility of re-marketing (re-marketing) people who already interacted and showed interest in your products. Because then every time you take more segmented and personalized traffic, and that’s when those conversion percentages start to grow.

Because it is not the same that someone arrives for the first time at your store versus someone who has already visited and now you are advertising them with an exclusive offer for that product that already interested you. The conversion will be much higher because you are showing that advertising only to people who have already seen that product and with a 100% customized incentive to them.

Mistake # 4: You Are Only Doing Direct Sales Publications And Advertisements

The fourth common mistake that may be hurting your online sales, however counter-intuitive it sounds, is if you’re doing direct sales publications or advertisements. Sometimes the more we try to sell, the less we sell.

Because as we saw before, the sale is a process. And many of your potential customers perhaps are not ready to buy now immediately; but that does not mean that they will not be prepared to buy later.

Imagine that you have an online store for party dresses. Maybe there are a lot of your potential customers who love your style and your dresses, but today you do not have any parties, so you have no interest in buying them.

If you only pass it to her, making direct sales messages, “buy now,” “discount on dresses,” “last available” …. That person probably gets tired, gets bored and does not want to see your publications anymore.

On the other hand, if you also give her content that adds value, that entertains her, that connects her emotionally with your brand and with you, then that person will have an incentive to stay in your community, to keep watching your
publications and, when Finally, if you have the party, you will be one of your first options.

Why? Because you stayed with her throughout her process and you did not show up to sell her when she was ready to buy.

It is strategic to inspire and share valuable content in your social networks that do not imply just the fact of selling.

Mistake # 5: You Are Not Doing Anything With All the People Who Arrive, but They Do Not Buy Immediately

Finally and too important, as we saw at the beginning, online conversions are on average between 1% to 5%, what happens then with the remaining 95% of people who come to your online store but do not buy?

If we do nothing, nothing happens. Just as they arrived, they leave, and maybe they never hear about your brand again.

And that is the last common mistake, which we have to avoid. With how much it costs (in time and money!) To take visitors to your store, we can not afford to lose 95% of those visits, just because they are not ready to buy right now.

There appears the key role of mails and email marketing. One of the objectives of your online store should be to capture as many emails as possible of those people who arrive (visits) but are not ready to buy (now).

To then be able to maintain a weekly or biweekly communication with them by mail, sharing valuable content, news or special promotions, until they are ready to take that step of buying your products.


As always, our suggestion is to move forward in order step by step. Do not try to adjust everything at the same time or leave now desperate to do email marketing campaigns, if we are not even carrying enough traffic to our store.

Because then, to whom are we going to ask for the mail? If you want to sell on the internet, remember that with UBT CONSULTS AB you can create a thoroughly professional online store with the image of your brand. You have XX day risk free trial!

5 Advantages of Having Your Business Open 24 Hours

We already know that selling online offers many benefits, many of them unimaginable just a few years ago.

In this post we are going to talk about one of the main ones (and the dream of every merchant): to have a business invoicing 24 hours a day!

1) Your Store is Open All Day, but You Work What You Want (And When You Want!)

It is likely that if you have a place in the street, you have to be there all the time physically, between or not between anybody, because you can not miss any possibility of a sale.
Maybe most of the time you spend waiting for some potential client to enter (a precious time that you could be investing in other things, like enjoying your family, right?).
An online store is open 24 hours but does not force you to be behind the counter all that time. This means that you can dispose of it according to your own needs, comforts and tastes!

“Having an online store is having your business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The good thing about this is that, by not requesting to be present as in a physical store, you can manage your time while giving your customers the possibility to purchase outside of business hours.”

And this brings us to the next point.

2) Forget The Traditional Trade Hours

Your online store allows you to earn sales outside of conventional business hours. So, you can reach potential customers who can not buy at that time and who, of course, will be more than grateful to be able to do so at the time they want and from the comfort of your home. The image of the customer running to arrive on time to the store before closing to buy a product is without effect against the flexibility offered by electronic commerce.

“The e-commerce generated a revolution on traditional commerce that, mostly, works on established days and times. For a customer to buy a product for their baby at 4 a.m. on a Sunday seems impossible, unthinkable and even ridiculous. However, today, this is the case. This happens.”

Something that impacts us a lot is to wake up and see that a sale was generated, for example, at 5 in the morning, while we were sleeping. Being able to attend to the customer’s needs, at any time, without being present physically or virtually, is an advantage of the e-commerce that we value very much.

The reading could be: “At the moment I’m not working, but I’m billing” And it is that waiting times do not exist in online commerce. In addition, if you put the focus on designing a simple and intuitive purchasing process, and if you invest time in writing excellent product descriptions, your potential customers will be able to buy you without (practically) having doubts.

“The waiting is over to be attended or to pay since the purchase process is easy and intuitive. You do not have to move to a physical store within a schedule, fearing that you will not arrive before closing.”

On the other hand, you can walk through the catalog of products as many times as you want to see the prices and details without having a salesman next door, and I think this is key to be able to buy relaxed and that the shopping experience is positive.

3) Can You Imagine How Much It Would Cost You To

have your physical business open all day? From a higher expense in the services of light, telephone, security and personal! All this you save with your online store, so you can focus on what matters most: sell your products and grow your business.

4) Your Store Opens For 24 Hours. Worldwide!

Your business does not have closing hours, that concept does not exist here! This means that anyone from anywhere in the world can become your client. Yes, you read well, no matter where you are or what your time zone is, the
planet is your potential client!

“With our online store we can reach people from all over the world, it’s spectacular! We receive inquiries from all Europe and even from The USA! There are no geographical limits, and we break every time barrier: our business is open 24 hours a day! ”

5) A Wheel That Does Not Stop

When we talk about an open business every day, we do not only refer to the online store business but everything that goes with it and makes it more powerful.

This includes the internet marketing actions you are doing, the payment gateways are chosen and the companies that you have hired to receive and send your products.

All of these elements work 24 hours a day for the growth of your online business and for you to get modern and desired lifestyle.

“Knowing that your ads on social networks are showing, that the store is receiving visits, that collection platforms are receiving payments, that logistics companies are generating shipments of your products 24 hours a day, is something as incredible as exciting.”

We are sure that after reading the 5 advantages of having an online business open 24 hours a day, you already want to open yours! Create your e-commerce today with UBT CONSULTS AB and start selling online like an expert. You have XX day risk free trial!