The App is vital today for the development and expansion of any business. I have been investigating a bit about the subject, and the truth is that I was hooked enough and could not pass up the opportunity to write a few lines about this. If you want to know the advantages of creating mobile applications for Blogs or any other type of web (portals, forums, e-commerce …), this post will be of great help.

The App can be very versatile and useful, and what is better, easy, cheap and fast to design, although as with web pages, make mobile applications according to the number of screens, functions, design, etc. ., can be very cheap or very expensive. They are very useful for me to manage social networks, manage my content, listen and find music, etc …

I love researching and finding new App and being able to check all the features they offer and what new or different things they have compared to the rest of the App designed with the same objective.

In this article, I try to give you some clues about the importance of the development, design, and creation of an App for your Blog, platform or e-commerce and the multitude of alternatives and business ideas that may arise through it.

Why is it important to create mobile applications for a Blog or any other website?

It is a new world full of possibilities, in which nowadays it is not necessary to know how to program or be a computer to be able to make a space in it and create an Application, thanks to the multitude of App platforms existing nowadays.

That’s the beauty of applications. You can make a great App without being an expert in the field, and that gives the possibility of good business ideas and new services that would otherwise be rejected by the fact that the ideologist does not have enough knowledge in new technologies and computer but if it concerns the activity or business idea (your sector) in which you want to develop the App.

The App has a brutal pull lately, and its potential lies in that having an idea and a low budget, you can start your own business reaching the palm of any potential consumer in a simple way, allowing this to interact on your platform, with the consequent advantage that this causes (sale of products and services directly with lower costs).

That is the reason why they are so popular, and therefore they are a great business opportunity if you know how to create mobile Apps and how to manage them.

This phenomenon has caused many professionals to start demanding this type of platform to be more visible and therefore sell more. App demand is growing, and the supply is increasing.

In many segments, there is still no consolidated competition or even exists, which provides the possibility for many professionals to expand their businesses through their websites and App.

It is evident that the App market is booming, even though it is a pretty exploited sector already. Despite its own changing identity (environment and sector of technological activity), it is the motor that keeps it being a profitable business with the expansion, that is, it is the whiting that bites its tail. I explain…

The App environment, that is, the world related to ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), the Internet, and creative innovation, are constantly changing and growing, and it seems that in a medium / long term period there is no It has a tendency to decrease.

And it is that increasingly demand more services and technology facilitates the provision of these achieving greater satisfaction of final consumers. Proof of this is the expansion of technology-based companies (startups) on the Internet in the last decade. Examples of this are Google, Apple, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

All these companies have all kinds of App, as well as companies not so leading, and is that an App is not complicated to do and does not require a high investment with respect to other types of investments. In fact, the versatility of the App relies in its low cost and its format, which allows the consumer to reach the consumer directly with a clip to any content, service or product you want to offer, making the sales process faster and cheaper.

The App has opened a huge niche in the technological market related to the world of the Internet since they are the best instrument to reach each one of the users/consumers intuitively and simply.

This fact has inspired a new class of entrepreneurs with a real impact on employment and with many expectations for the future.

Here I give you some keys so that you know what they are, what uses they can be delivered and what advantages they have. In this way, you will understand the importance of creating mobile applications for any website.

The definition itself gives the reason why Apps have appeared in recent years as mushrooms for all types of mobile devices and operating systems. And it is that you can create an App for any kind of task, which has led to the emergence of many startups that specialize in this PhoneGap with a different approach to the usual App or a different idea (creativity is important in this sector) have created their own mobile applications, for other companies, as a business idea or as a complement to it to sell their services or products.

Every day thousands of new applications appear for different uses such as sports, health, dietetics, finance, games, home automation, etc …

The development of new supports and the change in the consumption and use of technology have also contributed significantly as part of the technological change that we live in which some call it the 3rd industrial revolution or 2nd technological revolution.

The Smartphone, Tablet and the recent appearance of the Smart-Watch have made us have unlimited access to the Internet from any point at any time, which has led to a remarkable sociocultural change that is reflected in changes in consumer habits ( such as the growth of online shopping), interpersonal relationships (such as social networks of all kinds), communication (everyone can have a blog, digital newspapers, etc.) …

This is how we use the App in Sweden according to The App Date as of March 2016:

  • In Sweden, there are more than 6.7, millions of active users of App.
  • Sweden is the fifth country that buys the most through App.
  • By 2020 it is expected to reach the figure of 25,000 million devices connected to the Internet.
  • 1 out of 5 App is zombie applications (applications that have not been downloaded or updated by their developers being in a total state of abandonment).
  • Of all the App that we have installed, we only use an average of 14 actively.
  • In Sweden, approximately 0.7 million App downloads per day.
  • More and more people have mobile devices of all types, brands, and models for the different operating systems Android, Windows Phone, iOS … Sweden has moderate penetration rates of Smartphone and other mobile devices ( growth of 68% in the purchase of Tablet ) higher in our environment. It is estimated that 93% of the population already has a mobile device and continues to rise. The Smartphone penetration rate has gone from representing 63% to 81% of mobile phones in Sweden.

If you want to know how to carry out the creation of an app for your Blog or website easily and simply, you may be interested in some of these conversion methods:

What is an App or application?

The app is the acronym for the word “Application.” An App or application is a computer program designed to be executed on a device, in order to help the user in a specific task (as an electronic tool).

What types of Apps and what forms of mobile app creation are there?

Depending on the needs that are intended to comply with the App and the process of creating mobile applications chosen in each case, we can differentiate and classify the Apps in different types:

Native Applications

The native applications are those that are developed and created in a specific language and environment, which makes them have a very stable and fluid operation in the operating system for which they were created.

Advantages of Native Applications

  • It works using the resources of the operating system and the hardware for which it is designed, which makes its design fit perfectly with the conditions of this and therefore its use is very intuitive, fluid and with few errors or failures in the functionalities of the application.
  • It can be published in App stores and specific App platforms (depending on the operating system for which it was developed) for distribution.
  • It can be used without the need for an Internet connection for its operation.

Disadvantages of Native Applications

  • They can only be used by a device that has the operating system for which the App was created.
  • It requires a certain investment for its implementation, distribution, and use of the development environment through the platform or App store that is used for its distribution. Depending on the operating system you can choose to create a profile or account (carries an annual fee) of developer App on Windows Phone, Apple Store, Google Play Store …
  • They need approval from these platforms to be published in them.

Web applications

The web applications are those developed using programming languages for creating mobile applications and web pages (usually used for the latter), such as HTML, CSSJavaScript … and a framework for development and creation of web applications like Jquery Mobile, Sencha, Kendo UI, etc.

This type of applications is widely used to offer greater accessibility to information from any device, regardless of the operating system that uses it, since you only need to have a browser to access it.

Advantages of Web Applications

  • They can be used from any device regardless of the operating system that uses this.
  • The creation of mobile web applications usually has a certain cost for its development, but generally lower than that implied by native applications.
  • They have total flexibility, for their design and publication.

Disadvantages of Web Applications

  • You can not publish in App stores or platforms for its distribution and sale such as Windows Phone, Apple Store, Google Play Store …
  • Not being applications developed for a specific operating system does not use the resources of the system or the device, so they do not usually offer functionality as good as those of native applications.

Hybrid applications

As the name suggests, they are a mix between native applications and web applications , since it has characteristics of both.

The hybrid applications are developed using programming languages for web development and design, and a dedicated Framework for the creation of hybrid mobile applications, such as Phonegap, AppMachine, Appcelerator Titanium, Steroids,…

The ease that this type of mobile application creation provides is that they can be integrated with the tools that native applications have. The advantages and disadvantages of this type of mobile application creation are the following:

Advantages of Hybrid Applications

  • This type of App uses the resources of the device and the operating system so that its functionality is optimal for any of them.
  • The cost of creating hybrid mobile applications may be less than that of native applications.
  • They are cross-platform applications. It is not necessary to use a specific environment for the creation of mobile applications of this type.
  • Most of the tools for the creation of mobile applications of this type are free to use, although they usually charge for their maintenance.
  • It allows its publication and distribution through the specific App stores for each respective operating system.

The hybrid applications do not really have any notable disadvantage and are the most recommended.


Advantages of the App

1. Expand and publicize your business

An App allows you to reach thousands of users directly (consumers, customers, professionals or investors), making your business available 24 hours a day.

Thanks to the current devices ( Smartphone and Tablet ), any entrepreneur can be connected to your application to have full control of your business at any time. Furthermore, the App, allow to increase efficiency, reduce costs and grow sales and awareness of your business.

They also provide users of the App with your content, since it is instant access for them without having to search the Internet.

2. Professional use

Applications are no longer just a usual tool for consumers, they have also become tools for professional use.

Many companies carry out the creation of mobile applications tailored to each specific group of people that is part of the business or its environment (specific applications for tasks, jobs or particular departments).

3. Flexibility in its use

Some App once installed can be used without the Internet connection, making it easier for users to visualize your content ( native applications ).

In addition, a single person can manage all the options and functionalities of the application. Once your application has been created by the Agency or developer that you have chosen, you can manage all the aspects related to the management and follow-up of it.

This has generated a form of self-employment that many people are taking advantage of right now, since it is very easy for a single person (assisted in some cases by freelance or specialized companies) to handle aspects such as marketing, App development and customer service that centralizes all this in one place.

Keep in mind that this is a market that is growing, in fact, the profile of the application developer is among the most demanded today, with a view to increasing in the coming years.

4. Discover new users and build loyalty to your audience

The growth of App development in Sweden is mostly due to our high penetration rates in terms of mobile devices (highest in our environment). This has caused that in Sweden there are around 6.7 million users of active applications that download every day 0.7 million applications for Smartphone, Tablet, and televisions.

With this data, you can get an idea of the number of people using applications and the market that this generates, which will become increasingly important (for the expansion), to the point of becoming essential for the success of any company or Startup.

“An App is the best communication channel with your client”

The use of an App as a marketing tool, which allows access at any place and time, your customers, employees or employees to all your brand information, products, services … just having a mobile device is a differential advantage Regarding your competition.

In addition something that has always been very common in business when it comes to finding customers, mouth-to-mouth, thanks to applications has become a tactic of attracting more effective customers, because when a customer, friend, acquaintance or family Recommend your application, this can show it to the interested person directly or that this is downloaded the App to see directly from your device all the content of your site.

In any business model, it is important to use offers and promotions as an element of user loyalty. For many business models (such as online stores), the creation and development of an application adapted to your audience means a secure increase in your sales.

So, what are you waiting for to create mobile apps?

The creation of mobile applications for a Blog or any other website  will make the difference with your competition, but you must bear in mind that to find the most suitable application for your blog, you must have bright ideas for the design of it, what needs you want to cover with the creation of a mobile application, your budget, the type of content you want to show, the way in which the application is going to be made, the use of the resources of the mobile devices and its operating system , the time in which that we want this creation of the mobile application, etc. to be carried out

It would be best if you also bore in mind that there are different types of architectures (dynamic or static) that can be implemented in applications depending on the information and content that is going to be offered.

As you can see, there are many factors to take into account in the creation of a mobile application, and developing an App is a complicated and tedious process; in UBT Consults we can help you develop and create an App optimally and effectively, saving you complications and dislikes.

Contact us, and we will advise you without obligation.